As a multi-generational church family, we desire to love college students well and believe they make up an integral role in the life our community. We believe that we are at our best when the younger and older generations are walking side-by-side in community learning from one another, and being challenged to grow to look more and more like Jesus. Our desire is for college students to find a deep and profound connection as they sink their roots down in our church community, calling it home. For those students looking to connect with other college students specifically, we have a strategic partnership with InterVarsity. To find out more, call Alyssa Read at 530.510.1777or visit

Here's what we value when it comes to college ministry:

  • Meaningful Connection to the Larger Church Body—Not just a secluded, isolated community that meets, but a community that has a great and purpose-filled connection to the congregation.
  • Deep (Multi-generational) Community—Deep, life-giving, spiritual community. People to share life, ministry, and our journey with. People who aren't all in the same age group/life-stage. Let’s face it, we need those older folks’ wisdom and guidance, and they need our passion and zeal.
  • Opportunities to Serve—Using and growing in the gifts that God has given us to build up his Church and love others. This could be anything from volunteering in the children’s or worship ministries, to helping setup chairs, organize outreach, etc. We’re at our best when we're giving ourselves away.
  • Opportunities to Grow—Last but certainly not least, our growth as disciples/followers of Jesus. Providing space, time, and opportunity for spiritual growth, whether through Bible studies, small groups, retreats, or one-on-one mentoring/discipling relationships.